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Hilltop Goa Lodge was established in 1998 as low budget self-service rooms. The idea of a lodge came about as part of an extended family business. A little historical background on Hilltop - The name derived due to its strategic location on the rolling hills of Vagator. The business was originally established in 1976, as a restaurant. Over the years and specific boom after the Millenium, Hilltop transitioned into an event center, focusing on rave parties and other events. Today Hilltop has its own in-house record label. Hilltop Goa Lodge has gone through a progressive development to suit modern day comfort. And so, the rooms have recently been renovated with upgraded facilities and room amenities.

Room Types

Standard A/C room

Hilltop Goa Lodge is a set of 4 rooms, specifically designed to provide comfort and quality for budget travelers. The lodge is located in the heart of Hilltop Events center, in Vagator. A little bit about Hilltop today; it is a combination of family houses, Hilltop hotel, a huge expanse of land (utilized for parties & events) and of course, cocooned comfortably here is the Hilltop Goa Lodge, safe and secure. It is beautifully placed at a strategic point on the Hilltop of the rolling hills of Vagator which taper down to Vagator beach. During the tourist season (i.e. from September to April), techno rave parties are held every Sunday and public holidays, from 5 pm to 10 pm (sometimes starting at 12pm and extended till 3 am). This is the ideal place to stay for those who love music, dancing, enjoy the buzz of people and eat-outs. It is also fair to say that those looking for a silent retreat, this is not the recommended place to stay. We do however offer, comfort and great value for money, for low budget / back packer rooms. The rooms are fitted with high quality modern amenities like Air conditioners, in room safes, 32” LED TVs, fridge, continuous water supply (hot & cold), in case of power cuts, which is a frequent problem in Goa, there is a power back for ceiling fan and some lights, which operate on an inverter. And of course, for those who wishto laze around and enjoy “siestas” there are huge balcony sit outs. Rooms are well maintained and clean.

These rooms are great value for money, for low budget travelers and backpackers. They are perfect for party people, due to the location being in the heart of Hilltop Events center. Those looking for a mix of buzz and comfort will surely come back. For travelers, looking for silence, Hilltop Goa lodge can probably enjoy quiet only on days when there are no parties or some months in the low season like June and July. However to make things clear, party preparation begins only by afternoon and parties last from 5 pm to 10 pm. Only on event days like New Year eve, Christmas and Easter parties begin at 5 pm up and can last from 24 to 36 hours of non-stop music. Leaving aside the party scene, and focusing on the room comfort and amenities, this is a complete valuable package for a great stay!


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Hilltop Goa Lodge,
House no. 630,
Small Vagator Beach Road,
Bardez Goa, India





* Maximum number of rooms available : 4

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